Water-Starved Tema Residents Invade Asogli Power Plant To Beg For Water

Scores of residents of Kpone in the Greater Accra Region have been forced to besiege the power generation plant of the Sunon Asogli Power Limited to beg for water.

This is due to the fact that the pipes have stopped flowing in the area leading to a desperate water shortage that has struck most of the Greater Accra Region in the past week.

Scores of people, desperately looking for water are seen in pictures that have gone viral, practically camping at the Sunon Asogli power generation area for water.

In the pictures their containers, mainly “Kufuor gallons” are also seen in long queues for water.

According to the background explanation, the desperate situation has been brought about by the fact that the water desalination project that the erstwhile Mahama government had left for the Akufo-Addo government has been abandoned.

The seawater desalination project had been a lifesaver for many communities along the coast. It collected water from the sea, extracted the salt and made the water itself potable.

The power plant also uses this desalinated water for its operations.


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