Coalition Decries Alleged Moves To Free Vicious Wife-Beating Businessman

A coalition of anti-domestic violence campaigners has sounded the knell on alleged moves being made to absolve a businessman who is in the grips of the Police for allegedly beating his wife to death.

In a statement concerning the suspected murder of Lillian Dedjoe, 43, by her husband, Prince Charles Dedjoe, the National Coalition on Domestic Violence Legislation in Ghana (DV Coalition) said it was concerned about reports that Mr. Dedjoe, a wealthy business may be using his influence as a wealthy man to evade justice.

“It is of concern to the Coalition, that because the alleged perpetrator appears to be a popular and wealthy businessman reports are that attempts are being made to help him evade justice,” the coalition said in a statement.

“It is the hope of the Coalition that is not the case; however because there are many other known stories of manipulation by family and community members to assist perpetrators of gender-based violence to evade the criminal justice system, the Coalition cannot take this issue for granted.” 

Interestingly, the statement is coming after Mr. Charles Dedjoe was arraigned before the court on Wednesday.

The business is said to have pummelled his wife until she had to be rushed to the hospital for attention.

According to reports, Lillian Dedjoe may have later lost consciousness after being discharged from the hospital and succumbed to the trauma from the beatings while she was being rushed to the hospital again.

However, after her death, it hit the news that the deceased had tripped and fallen at her East Legon home and died. Mr. Dedjoe, according to the claim was asleep and had been awakened by his wife’s screams.

He and their child rushed her to the hospital but she died on the way to the hospital.

However, after the news went out that the woman had died from an accident, her family countered and revealed the husband rather had beaten her to death.

 “The DV Coalition calls upon the Ghana Police Service and the National Coordinator of DOVVSU to thoroughly investigate this matter as there appears to be evidence of a history of domestic violence in the relationship of the couple. This is evident from the pictures of the deceased which have appeared on social media,” the statement from the Coalition said.


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