Maurice Ampaw Named In Homosexuality Allegation Drama

Private legal practitioner, Maurice Ampaw, has been accused by a social media commentator of being a homosexual.

A video message from one Philip Nana Yaw Badu who also goes by the nickname ‘Mosquito’ accuses the lawyer who has been a loud advocate against the gay lifestyle in Ghana of being a secret practitioner of what he publicly pretends to hate.

Mr. Badu who encourages receivers of his video to share until it reaches Lawyer Maurice Ampaw alleges that he knows at least two people who are sex partners of the lawyer with whom he has shared acquaintance since 2006.

“My first question to Maurice Ampaw Isaac, Liberian with whom you share hotel room and you usually come to me for medicine, I am the one speaking. That Isaac, the Liberian guy, when comes to Ghana and they go and sleep at the hotel, what do they usually go to do.

“Ask himn again, please, that the adult pampers that he makes us supply to him; that pampers’ name is called Evony pampers, adult edition, large. Ask him, that pampers that he makes us supply to him, who does he give to him. I need him to come and answer me so I will show him where I know him from.

“Ask him again and share the video until it reaches him; ask him again that I say, the medicine that he usually comes to buy from us, does he know what it does? If he knows the work it does, who use it? What has happened to him that has made it necessary for him to ask us to buy him that medicine every month?” Mr. Badu asks pointedly in Twi.

Eventually he answers all his rhetorical questions, “you gay man like you.”

Mr. Badu makes it clear in the video that it is Maurice Ampaw’s incessant attacks on former President John Mahama and his party, the NDC that has annoyed him to come out and spill Maurice Ampaw’s dirty secrets.

WhatsUp News has not been successful in attempts to reach Lawyer Maurice Ampaw for a response to the allegation.

The allegations are quite shocking because Lawyer Ampaw is known to be a fierce anti-gay crusader. This is the same Maurice Ampaw who has said that homosexuality is a curse and an evil and that many of the fake Pastors in Ghana are homosexuals.

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is on record to have once warned popular freelance Master of Ceremonies, Kwesi Kyei Darkwa (KKD) not to allow his openly gay son to step foot in Ghana.

According to Mr. Philip Badu, the anti gay crusader is one himself and that he has videos and picture recordings that he can use to prove his claims if he is dragged to court.

“Now excuse me, my last question, Maurice Ampaw, are you gay? Because for Isaac, he is a long time acquaintance of mine, I know he is gay. Anytime he comes you share hotel room with him. You buy pampers, medicine that is used by gay people, you also buy some and you drink it every month. It is only this month that you have not yet come for your dose,” he claimed.

He explains that per the nature of his work, he is supposed to maintain confidentiality on Maurice Ampaw’s supposed gay issues, but that the lawyer has been annoying him with his constant attacks on former President John Mahama and the NDC.

“The nature of our work requires that we keep secrets; those who come for HIV/AIDS medicine, per the rules you have no right to give the identity of such persons out. Gay people that we supply medicine to, including Ministers…if Maurice Ampaw likes, he should dare me am giving him up to Monday, I will release videos because when he started his nonsense, I also advised myself and so anytime he came to buy the pampers, I also recorded him videos and have the recordings down. I will bring it live for Maurice Ampaw to see that if he is mad, others are madder than him.”

Philip Badu adds that, “‘Am going to show you, and am going to put everything on social media.” I will post videos and picture so everyone will see that Maurice Ampaw is nobody.”


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