Anlo Traditional Display Loudly Absent At Rawlings’ Funeral

ights and sounds from the final funeral rites of former President Jerry John Rawlings did not include any customary displays from Anlo, his nativity.
At the Blackstar Square, where a requiem was held, wreaths were laid, tributes were read, and hymns and contemporary gospel songs were sung but no Agbadza, Atripui, Kpeglisu or Kinga was on display for the man who easily stands out as the most prominent son Anlo has yet produced.

This is also even though Mr. Rawlings was a traditional Chief of Anlo during his lifetime.
The deficiency has led to anger and accusations of deliberate disrespect by the government of President Akufo-Addo.
News reports have even emerged claiming the traditional elders of Anlo are thinking of holding another funeral for J.J. Rawlings.

It is not clear why traditional rites from Anlo were excluded from Rawlings’ funeral rites but it appears that the decision to keep that out had been agreed upon by both government and his immediate family.


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