Mysterious 52-Year-Old Pops Up As Rawlings First Daughter

Dr. Zenator Rawlings may have been edged out as the first daughter of late former President Jerry John Rawlings, as a mysterious 52-year-old woman emerges out of the woodwork making stunning claims that she is the secret first daughter of the former president.
The woman who came to pay her last respect to the departed icon identified herself as Abigail Rawlings and that JJ Rawlings gave birth to her while in his military training days.

At the time that Abigail Rawlings was conceived, Mr. Rawlings had not yet married his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, whom he married in 1977 when Rawlings was some 30 years old.
However, it the story checks out, Abigail may have been conceived when Rawlings finished his high school education in Achimota and had been freshly posted to the Airforce College in Takoradi around 1968.

This will mean Rawlings had perhaps met Abigail’s mother when he was about 20 years old and a bristling fresher in the air force academy. 

According to Abigail Rawlings, whose shocking revelation has gone viral in Ghana, she had remained a closely-guarded secret all these years because she was advised by the veteran actress Grace Omaboe aka Maame Dokono to keep her identity secret and proceeded to sponsor her to fly out of the country, for fear of being eliminated.

Abigail narrated that she had visited Maame Dokono and told her her story, but she was told that she could be killed if the story gets to the public, hence she needed to keep a low profile.
“Maame Dokono knows about this. In 2003, I paid her a visit and told her about my story, but she told me if I don’t keep quiet about it I may die. So she gave me money and I left the country,” she said.
She went on and claimed that the Rawlings family in the village know her very well because she went to them.

“Most of the external family in the village know me. When my mom told me about my father, I went to the family house,” she said.
The revelation means that Rawlings has joined the league of extremely powerful men whose supposed secret children pop up when they die.


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