NPP Goes Into Minority In Parliament

-As NDC Presents “Authentic” Pink Sheet Evidence of Winning Techiman South

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) appears to have cemented its majority seats in the Ghanaians parliament after it had today done a public collation of the contentious Techiman South Parliamentary election results to provide evidence that it won the election by a wide margin.

Using results from 267 pink sheets from 267 polling stations, the evidence presented showed that the NDC’s Christopher Beyere Baasongti polled 50,3016 of the total votes cast as against the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s Martin Korsah who polled 50,013.

This has essentially catapulted the NDC’s seats in parliament to 138 and had reduced the governing NPP’s seats to 136, with one independent candidate. The two main parties had held 137 seats apiece amidst controversies over certain constituencies, including Techiman South.

After the public collation, the resultant winning margin, per the NDC’s evidence is 293 votes even though the Electoral Commission has declared the NPP’s candidate as the winner of the bloody election which resulted in the shooting of three people by curious-looking security officers.

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrissu demanded that the EC reverse what he said was broad-daylight-robbery and declare the NDC’s candidate as winner of the election. 

The NDC has vowed to fight on until the reversal is effected by the EC. However, the EC has announced it is going on recess from tomorrow, December 23rd.

Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrissu, said the EC’s sudden declaration of intent to go on recess is part of a grand scheme to shy away from the issue of the fraud it has attempted to perpetrate against the constitution, hinting that if the reversal is not done, there might not be swearing-in on January 7.

As things stand now, there is no Majority party in Parliament with both NDC and NPP having had the EC declare 137 seats each for them. One independent MP has pledged to work with the NPP however, per the law, an independent candidate can only vote along with any side of their choice but cannot join any side.

Consequently, if the NDC side in Parliament decides to frustrate the things, there will not be swearing-in for both the President-elect and MPs because the constitution requires that Parliament is sworn in first before the President is sworn in.

Meanwhile, the NDC has still been insisting it won the Presidential election as well even as the 2020 election has come up as the most blatantly rigged in the history of Ghana’s elections.

Presenting the pink sheets evidence to the media today, the NDC MPs in Parliament pointed out that the EC’s inability to provide pink sheets and print collated results is one of the indications that the electoral body is trying to perpetrate fraud.

The NDC’s meticulous presentation showed that 101,238 out of total eligible voters of 128,021 had turned out to cast their ballots; pegging the percentage turnout at 79%.

Out of the number the NPP’s candidate polled 50,013 votes while the NDC’s candidate polled 50,306 votes. The presentation had been done by Hon Dr. James Klutsey Avedzi, MP for Ketu North, who had dazzled the media with his unknown skills in Microsoft Office Excel spreadsheets. 


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