Radio Advert Exposing Alleged Serial Armed Robber, Peter Paradise, Goes Viral

A radio advertisement outing an alleged serial armed robber called Peter Paradise has gone viral on social media.

In what can be described as a public service broadcast, Paradise’s pictures are captured in the viral posts against a background explanation of what he is and his modus operandi.

According to the advert, Peter Paradise operates as a member of a gang of highway robbers who hijack public buses in the middle of long journeys and then rob their victims.

Paradise allegedly serves as point man on the buses – he buys a ticket and rides along as a passenger, with a gun hidden on his body. When the bus gets to the point where the rest of the gang members are hiding, he then discharges his hidden weapon and takes the bus hostage before signaling the rest of the gang to join him.

According to the viral revelation, Peter Paradise and his gang have robbed, killed and raped many this way.

The alleged armed robber is also said to be very active on Facebook where he lures victims to give him directions to their houses and then robs them.


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