A member of the Delta Force, a militia group linked to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has been busted by the Ghana Armed Forces for posing as a soldier.

The 41-year-old Bernard Ayeh is reportedly a known face in the Delta Force and was recently caught dressed up as a Canadian army officer as members of the ruling party’s militia are increasingly being reported to have gone rough, engaging in armed robbery and fraud.

Mr. Aryeh was last week spotted by a military detachment around the Peduase Presidential Lodge. He was reportedly fully garbed and was driving a private car. He is said to have quickly turned around and sped off when he suspected he had been spotted by the military detachment around Peduase Lodge.

He was promptly given a hot chase and was caught in Accra.

At the time of his arrest, the rough Delta Force operative was having in his possession two different types of pistols, two handcuffs with keys, a jackknife, two fake Canadian Officer’s ID, huge sums of money among other things.

It is believed that Mr. Ayeh is part of a detachment of the Delta Force that specializes in arm robbery, assassination, kidnapping and other crimes.


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