The Evidence the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has uncovered about vote rigging in 2020 elections will knock your socks off, and they have shown them to the Commonwealth Group, The European Union and the Catholic Bishops Conference. 

According to insiders, the NDC took turns to present its evidence to the team and reiterated to the group that there is no way on earth the party will accept anything less than the TRUE reflection of the verdict of voters.

The Catholic Bishops were said to have promised that they were going to hold consultations with the Electoral Commission and get back to them. 

Whatsup News gathered from reliable sources from within the NDC that the party on Sunday, December 13, 2020, met with the Catholic Bishop Conference who were shocked by the evidence presented to prove the 2020 elections were rigged.

The NDC is also met today with the European Union Observer Group to show them their evidence. 

Already, the EU observer group had released a damning report about the conduct of the election, describing the collation process even in diplomatic terms as “less transparent”.

“The NDC leadership including the campaign team yesterday met with the Catholic Bishops Conference and showed them damning evidence to buttress the fact that Akufo Addo has stolen the elections. After taking a careful look at NDCs evidence, they promised to meet with the EC and get back to the NDC…,” said Kwabena Bobie Ansah, a radio presenter known to be closely associated with the NDC. 

Similarly, the NDC also met with the Commonwealth Observers group today and presented more evidence to them. 

The action of the Electoral Commission (EC) after it made its declarations that incumbent President Akufo Addo won the presidential election, has thrown the country into a dangerous cliff with the opposition NDC also laying claim to an election win.

The election has been rocked by widespread allegations of rigging and connivance between the EC and the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

For instance, after officially declaring the results of the presidential elections, the EC has been caught on more than five occasions, changing the figures it used as a basis to make its declaration for the election.

For instance, less than 24 hours after the EC boss Jean Mensa had made her controversial presidential declaration, the EC issued a statement that hacked off over 300,000 votes from the total valid votes stated by Jean Mensa. The EC claimed she had “inadvertently” announced the total valid votes cast during the election as 13.433 million instead of 13.119 million.

However, even at 13.119, the aggregate of votes for the 12 presidential candidates still does not add up.

The EC is insisting these inconsistent numbers do not change the shape of the election results, but critics have disputed this, saying the election management body had deliberately manipulated the figures to favour the NPP party led by the incumbent President Akufo Addo.


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