COVID 19: CSO Demands Travel Ban Against High Risk Countries

Civil Society Organization, One Ghana Movement, has asked the government to issue travel ban against all countries with higher levels of infections from the covid 19 pandemic.

In a release, the CSO suggested that citizens of countries with up to one hundred confirmed cases of infections from the virus be blacklisted by Ghana.

“Ban flights from countries affected with 100+ cases of Covid-19 including transits through such countries. All cases have been imported hence the need for a drastic approach to cut more imports,” a statement signed by Acting Executive Director, Emily Kanyir Nyuur, said.

According to the CSO, this will help dampen the high rate of imporation of the virus into the country.

Ghana has as at yesterday, confirmed a total of six cases in the country with all the cases being infection of people who had traveled into the country from affected foreign countries.

One Ghana Movement also asked that self-quarantining measures, demanded of inbound passengers be prescribed for Ghanaians as well and that such prescription should be enforced with law.

“Empower and resource qualified private laboratories and diagnostic centres to test cases and ease congestion on the Noguchi Memorial Institute and the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research. This may include a policy directive, provision of testing kits and swift training of personnel to assist. Our ability to test more Ghanaians speedily will better position Ghana combat the virus,” it demanded among other things.

“We advise that government favourably reviews and be guided by the South Korean containment strategy which worked, and consider the deployment of counter terrorism measure templates in the containment strategy as is being employed in Israel.”


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