Sexual Harassment Bandwagon Hits Kofi Kapito

A public allegation by television personality, Serwaa Amihere, that she had been sexually harassed during the 2019 RTP Awards has hinted into place that there is a sexual harassment bandwagon in town.

Social media is alight with talking point about Nee Amihere’s claim that a jovial reference to her derriere by Mr. Kofi Kapityo, CEO of the Consumer Protection Agency, was tantamount to sexual harassment.

With many viewing Serwaa Amihere’s claim as an exaggeration by hyperbolic miles, there is a sense that Ghanaian women are finding it fanciful, on account of the recent controversial documentary by the BBC on sexual harassment in Ghanaian Universities, to cry wolf at the least opportunity.

The television personality had been the target of what could be described as an inappropriate joke from Kofi Kapito during the RTP Awards. While on stage to present the award for TV Female Newscaster of the year, Mr. Kapito had paused and praised the butt of Ms Amihere.

 “Serwaa Amihere… look at your butt, nice,” Kofi Kapito had said before requesting the organizers to play the list of nominees. On her part, Serwaa Amihere had looked stunned.

But what many thought was an inappropriate joke soon became the basis for an accusation by Serwaa Amihere on social media that she had been sexually harassed by Kofi Kapito.

“I had so much respect for Mr Kofi Kapito. This is a classic case of sexual harassment. I’m appalled by his utterances. This was needless and completely disrespectful!” Serwaa Amihere wrote on her Twitter handle.

The incident has also become a rallying call for some high society women who are now charging forward on some kind of estrogen crusade. Adom FM’s News Editor Afia Pokuaa, is already asking whether charges have been pressed. “Has a complaint been filed? This is so wrong. So wrong.”

Popular anchor at GH One, Nana Aba Anamoah, has also condemned the incident as unacceptable.

On social media, there is a panicky feeling among men that Ghanaian women are on an anti sexual harassment bandwagon, thanks to the BBC’s controversial documentary on the subject. One annoyed male commentator on Facebook queried whether Serwaa Amihere would have claimed that she had been sexually harassed if kofi Kapito’s compliment had been about her face rather than her butt.

 A heightened sense of caution is carried in the general consensus that, under the current fad, ladies would easily blow things out of proportion just to claim they have been sexually harassed. The strangulating feeling has provoked feelings that the Ghanaian society is now over protective of women, to the victimization of men. Already in the country’s constitution, rape is defined as a situation where a man forces himself on a woman. If a woman forces herself on a man, it is not exactly defined in the criminal code.


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