Judge Slaps NPP Candidate With Ghc 6,000 Fine For Time-wasting

The High Court in Wenchi, in the Bono Region, has adjourned the election petition over the Sene West Parliamentary election results declaration to Thursday, 17th December 2020.

This was after convicting the New Patriotic Party (NPP)’s Parliamentary Candidate in the election, Mr. Joseph Kumah Mackay, to a fine of Ghc 6,000 to deliberate delay tactics to slow down the case.

Mr. Mackay had earlier placed an injunction on the EC’s move to open one ballot box from Tato Battor Polling Station B, a stronghold of the NDC for counting, but later withdrawn the inunction.

Lawyer Victor Kojoga Adawudu, counsel for the NDC and its Parliamentary Candidate, Hon Kwame Ampofo Twumasi, had asked the court to punish the NPP Candidate for the deliberate monkey tricks to delay the court’s time.

According to Lawyer Adawudu, such a punitive measure would serve as deterrence for anybody who in the future would want to fool around with the court.

The Sene West Parliamentary election has been engulfed in controversy after the Electoral Commission declared results minus the contents of one ballot box from the NDC’s stronghold.

One ballot box from the NDC’s stronghold was not opened and counted because of some electoral infractions by an NPP hoodlum who is said to have snatched the ballot box and later dropped it after the Police fired at him.

The half-baked declaration led to the declaration of the NPP Candidate as winner by the EC but the NDC refused the results demanding that the contents of the last ballot be counted. 

To prevent the counting, however, the NPP Candidate went to court to secure an injunction against counting the contents of that ballot box.


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