...commotion of inflated polling stations

It has turned out that contrary to claims by the EC before the elections that the polls were going to be conducted in 33,637 polling stations across the country, the Chairperson yesterday made a U-Turn and saying that it conducted the elections in 38,000 polling stations. 

For close to four months before the election, and even as of today, the electoral commission published the total number of polling stations on their website as “33,367 polling stations” contested by “27 political parties” and “17,027,655” registered voters”, 

 In a surprising twist of events, yesterday the chairperson in announcing the 2020 election results indicated that the elections were rather conducted in “38,622 poling stations”

The general public is now demanding answers from the EC to clarify why for several months they misled the nation into thinking that the election was going to be held in 33,737 polling stations whilst on the day of the election she held the elections in 38,622 polling stations. 


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