As Comedy Of Errors Reveal Akufo Addo Scored 49% and Not 51.96% -Run-Off Imminent?

Electoral Commission today crumbled under their own intransigence admitting that the result based on which they declared Nana Akufo Addo as president elect was  a mistake.

A simple aggregation of the Presidential results in relation to the total valid votes cast indicates that the Electoral Commissioner Jean Mensah had mistakenly declared incumbent President Akufo Addo as President elect despite not crossing the legal 50% + 1 mark as stipulated in Ghana’s constitution.

Jean Mensa on Wednesday claimed President Akufo Addo won the presidential elections by 51.96% from 13,433,573 total valid votes cast, with President Akufo Addo scoring 6,730,413. 

However, basic calculations show that the actual percentage won by the incumbent should be 50.098% and that of JDM is 46.26% without the 128,018 votes from Techiman South Constituency.

Experts say, if the votes from Techiman South are added to the total valid votes cast, President Akufo Addo’s total tally will be 49.62% and cannot be legally declared the winner.

The Ghanaian constitution stipulates that the winner of the presidential elections must cross 50% + 1 of valid popular votes. Anything short of that requires a run-off of the elections.

Aside from these glaring errors of calculations from the EC, Whatsup News can confidently state that the EC has released three different numbers of total valid votes cast. 

During the declaration, the EC boss Jean Mensah had earlier stated that the total valid votes cast were 13,433,573 votes. Today, December 10, 2020, the EC quickly released a statement claiming that Jean Mensa had “inadvertently” stated 13,433,573 votes instead of 13,119,460 votes.

“The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission inadvertently used 13,433,573 as the total valid votes cast. The total valid votes cast is 13, 119, 460,” read the statement issued from the EC today.

However, Whatsup News can confidently state that even the figures contained in the EC statement seeking to correct Jean Mensah’s declaration is also faulty and should amount to 13,121,111 when the votes secured by each of the 12 presidential candidates are compared between what was read by Jean Mensah and what the EC has put out in its statement.

For instance, scrutiny of the numbers between the EC’s statement and what the EC Chairperson read shows that while Jean Mensa said Christian Kwabena Andrews of GUM was said to have secured 105,565 votes, the statement issued by the EC today said he secured 105,548 votes with a subtle discrepancy of some 15 votes. For Ivor Kwabena Greenstreet of the CPP, there was a similar 15-vote discrepancy in the numbers stated by the EC boss and the EC statement.

It was the same for all the 12 presidential candidates, including the votes for Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings whose votes between what was read by Jean Mensah and what is contained in the EC’s statement is some 63 votes.

That is not all the plethora of errors that has riddled the 2020 presidential elections. For instance, while reading the declaration, Jean Mensah stated that the elections were conducted in some 38,000 polling stations. However, on the EC’s own website, it shows that only 33,367.

Meanwhile, the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has rejected the 2020 presidential results and has described it variously as “flawed” and “rigged”.

The current Minority Leader (who may soon become the Majority leader) in Ghana’s Parliament and Member of Parliament for Tamale South Haruna Iddrisu described the December 7 elections as a rigged one.

 “This is the Ghana Akufo-Addo believed in. Our democratic credentials have been deeply bruised…Posterity will harshly remember Akuf0-Addo for the number of innocent Ghanaians who died or got maimed for him to become a president in 2020 elections,” Haruna Iddrisu told newsmen. So far, the elections resulted in some six (6) deaths and dozens of critical injuries from gunshots, most of which were fired by military and state security officers. Those who shot at protesting citizens are believed to be party militia members embedded in the security agencies.


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