EC Lied About Getting Advice From Experts To Compile New Voter Register-NDC

It has now emerged that the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission was not exactly truthful when it claimed that its decision to compile a new voters’ register was on the advice of experts.

The Jean Mensah-led EC has been unable to produce evidence of their expert advice as demanded by the MP for Ashiaman, Ernest Norgbey, who had written to the EC exercising his rights under the Right to Information law in February. It is almost December, and the EC has still not produced the information.

Rather, Madam Jean Mensah has been ignoring court judgments to produce that information to the Ashaiman MP.

In July, the High Court in Accra (Human Rights Division) ordered the EC to release the information proving that some expert had indeed advised the EC to compile a new register, with the information to cost Hon. Norgbey a whopping Ghc1,500. Jean Mensah refused to release the information.

Rather, she appealed the High Court’s decision, but the court dismissed the appeal. She then filed another appeal at the Appeals Court; however, the Appeals Court also dismissed the second appeal.

As to why the Electoral Commission would go all lengths to keep information on expert advice given to a Member of the Legislature, has baffled political observers.

Today, the National Democratic Congress said it believes that no such advice was given to the EC by any Consultant. Jean Mensah, the EC chair, only made up the lie to deceive Ghanaians.

Her unpopular decision to compile a new voters’ register cost the nation a whopping US$140million.

“From the above developments we have come to one and only one conclusion that no such report exists and as characteristic of Jean Mensa’s leadership, she blatantly lied to Ghanaians that the EC’s decision was based on recommendations by experts. As we have always maintained, the overriding reason for spending over $140m to compile a new register even in the face of a deadly pandemic was to facilitate the re-election agenda of the FAILED and CORRUPT Akufo-Addo and his NPP government. But we can assure Ghanaians that this plan has already failed,” the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Charged. 


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