Immigration Service Secretly Recruiting Personnel For Concentration Camps, Border Control

Whatsup News has intercepted a wireless message from the Ghana Immigration Service in a desperate recruitment drive to deploy personnel along the borders of Ghana, mostly in the Volta Region.

The Message contained in a memo dated November 5, 2020, and authored by Laud O. Affrifah, the Comptroller-General of the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), is ordering the recruitment of 500 new personnel.

Their training started on November 7, 2020, and should be done by November 28, 2020. This will be two days before their speculated deployment along the borders mostly in the Volta Region by November 30, 2020. 

They have been put on a rapid training regimen of three weeks for counter-terrorism, border control and, strangely, concentration camps. They are to train at the Huhunya training camp in the Eastern Region.

“Officers and men of Cadet Intake-13 and Recruit intake-25 whose names appear on the attached list have been selected for the next phase of three (3)-week Rapid Response/Counter-Terrorism/Border Patrol training at the Police Counter Terrorism Enactment and Concentration (CTECC) Huhunya in the Eastern Region,” the Comptroller-General wrote in the memo seen by Whatsup News.

The recruits are to take along training gear such as Camouflage and Khaki uniforms with boots, tracksuits, water bottles, plates and cups for eating, among others.

Whatsup News has seen the entire list of 500 recruits, complete with their names and genders. Majority of the names (approximately 90%) are males with females being in the minority.

The memo has already raised suspicions about the motive for such border control recruitments less than one month to the general elections.

Already, there have been persistent reports and speculations that the Akufo Addo administration is bent on sealing the eastern border of Ghana shared with the Volta Region.

The Akufo Addo administration has reportedly targeted the Volta Region, the main political stronghold of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), in what the regime claims are an attempt to prevent people from neighbouring Togo and Benin to sneak in to vote for the NDC.

A dress rehearsal of this plan was experienced a few months ago when the Electoral Commission (EC) started its controversial new voters’ registration exercise when heavily armed troops from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) were deployed to prevent perceived foreigners from entering Ghana to register on the electoral roll.

Incidentally, the geopolitical boundaries at the eastern border of Ghana as well as the two other borders are intricately intertwined, as people have been arbitrarily torn between the neighbouring countries sharing borders with Ghana. Notwithstanding, these border towns crisscross the demarcations all the time to transact business or to meet up with families on the other side.

Meanwhile, Whatsup News has also spotted another round of secret recruitment ongoing at the Burma Camp. Pictures of the recruitment exercise have been sighted by Whatsup News, as more than 100 men and women are spotted near military trucks.

This recruitment exercise is believed to be the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) smuggling party foot soldiers into the ranks of the military without the usually required advertisement in the public domain.

These recruits are believed to have been put on a rapid training session similar to the immigration recruitment and may be spotting military uniforms during the December general elections.


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