Election 2020: Israeli Agents Confirm Secret Entry of Cyber Hackers Into Ghana

Sources within Israeli Intelligence have confirmed to Whatsup News that a group of top Israeli hackers did travel to Ghana recently in confirmation of a September 28, 2020 report in the Daily Post, a pro-National Democratic Congress (NDC) newspaper which claimed the Akufo Addo administration had sneaked in Israeli hackers to manipulate the election system in Ghana.

Shortly after the report, the Minister of Information Kojo Oppong Nkrumah had flatly denied the reports saying: “What is the Israeli IT expert coming to do in the collation of results?” Elections are held at the polling station so we do our campaign at the polling station . . .”

However, Whatsup News sources, including a top agent of Israel’s premier intelligence agency, MOSSAD (names remain anonymous) has confirmed that a systems integration company specialising in breaching protected computer systems called RNTC had indeed travelled to Ghana on a secret mission recently.

Curiously, the Electoral Commission (EC) recently announced that it will revert to manual transmission of election results from polling stations to collation centres. It is unclear the antics of the EC in taking that step. 

In December 2016, insiders tell of how the then-opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) may have been able to breach the electoral system and potentially influenced the results.

The NPP Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has made no secret of that report, as he boasts on several media platforms of how the NPP allegedly manipulated the 2016 elections. 

During the elections in 2016, the NPP had raised alarms that the then-incumbent NDC was using another Israeli Company, Superlock Limited, to manipulate the elections. However, the NDC flatly denied it.

The latest cyber hacking operation is estimated at $15million or $20 million and the group of operatives reportedly arrived in the country on August 24, 2020, aboard a private plane and lodged at the Oak Plaza Hotel along the Spintex Road in Accra.

The Daily Post named the 14-crew operatives as Danino Adi, an IT Consultant; Segal Stav Mark, IT Engineer; Lilling Iddo, Project Manager; Pianazek Sean Pascal, trainer; Gurgov Boris, an IT Engineer; Waisel Amit, IT Engineer; Shoshan Almog Levi, Development Engineer and Krieger Yonatan, an IT Technician.

The rest are Shaleve Haran, a Pre-sales engineer; Shwartz Shlomo, an Electronics Engineer; Guy Samuel Joseph, Sales Director of Magal Security System; Goldenberg Shahar, Business Development; Cohen Amit, CEO of High Technology Company RINC and Shaked Noam, CEO of BSW High Tec Company.

Investigations into the ownership structure of the company RTNC shows that it works with Blue Skies World (BSW) and that both companies are owned by the same person- Yossi Romano . 

BSW is also owned by an offshore company in Spain also called Blue Skies World Spain SL.

 Our source alerted the espionage nature of the company: “I can already say that that kind of business behaviour – using different companies in Israel and abroad for defense and Intelligence purpose, suggests that the owners need this structure to circumvent the Israeli defense export permission known as API or DECA”

 “This is an operation being led by RTNC Group (a group that I know since they tried to work with me in the past) – They are sort of system integrators also at the intelligence domain. They don’t have their own capacities and usually, they are joint venting (sic) with other companies or freelancers,” the retired spy told our investigators.

Our intelligence source also noted that the RTNC Group appears to have joined forces with a company called Verint, Mavnir (used to be Comvers) and also possibly with the notorious NSO, the Israeli company that sold the notorious NSO Group Technology Limited that supplied Ghana with the dubious $6 million listening equipment during to the National Communications Authority (NCA), resulting in the recent conviction of the former NCA Board Chairman, Eugene Baffoe-Bonnie and several others for pocketing the money.

Our Israeli source says he is confident about the involvement of the NSO Group because Danino Adi, the individual identified as “IT consultant” in the Daily Post story as being part of the delegation to Ghana is strongly linked to the NSO Group.

The former MOSSAD agent told Whatsup News that he recognizes the rest of the names in the story and indicated that most of them are Freelancers in the field of Intelligence, Cyber Security and Security Systems even though they were all given generic titles for the operation in Ghana. 

According to him, the operations in Ghana possibly involves using Passive and Active Communication Interception capabilities for intelligence purposes which might include sophisticated cyber-attacks and other operations that might include attacks on the electoral commission’s IT infrastructure/architecture, as speculated by the newspaper report.

The intelligence sources believe that the operation could be in its early stages considering the number of senior-level management numbering 14 that were part of the trip to Ghana. 

“Looking at the real position of the 14 individuals, we noticed that the CEO, CFO, Business Development Manager were all part of the trip. That could mean they could have come to sign a contract,” our source noted. 

The only way to beat the insidious operations is for target organisations to immediately implement secured communication capabilities, experts have advised.

The Akufo Addo administration has increasingly come under scrutiny for the militant and reconnaissance capabilities that his ruling party in frantically building towards the December 7, general elections.


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