Political Contract Killing Suspected in Mfantseman MP killing

There are suspicions that the dastardly shooting of the Member of Parliament for Mfantseman, Ekow Kwansah Hayford, Midnight of Thursday, October 8, 2020, may have been a premeditated contract killing from possible political rivals from within his own party or opposition parties, Whatsup News has gathered.

A number of party members and supporters who had gathered at the MP’s home were quick to declare that whoever was behind the assassination should know that the only person who will be accepted as a replacement for the slain MP on the ticket of the NPP is his wife.

The warning from town folks may be due to suspicions that somebody from the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) may be eying the MP’s seat and may be seeking to replace him or stand as an Independent candidate, a phenomenon appearing to sweep through the governing party.

Ekow Kwansah Hayford won the NPP’s Parliamentary ticket for Mfantseman in June, sweeping 611 of the votes cast to beat his challenger, James KorsahBrown. Mr. Korsah Brown had 255 of the votes.

Meanwhile, there had been another round of speculations that the alleged assassination may have the signature of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) on it in an attempt to capture the seat from the NPP.

However, critics have dismissed this claim, saying there was no way the NDC could have known the itinerary of the NPP MP during the campaign tour and that it is only somebody close to the MP and his campaign team who could have known that the MP’s campaign entourage would have used the Abeadze Dominase – Abeadze Duadzi – Mankessim road at that time of night.

In the Constituency, many believe that the Judas is within the campaign team of the MP and that the assassination, which comes very close to the close of the filing of nominations, was aimed to pave way for other people interested in contesting on the NPP ticket to force the party into instating them in Mr. Kwansah Hayford’s place on the ticket.

The robbery narrative appears to be a decoy.

According to reports, the car of the MP who was returning late from a campaign tour ran into a blockade of sorts by robbers on the Abeadze Dominase – Abeadze Duadzi – Mankessim road, where he was asked to identify himself.

After he did, one version of the story claims he was dragged out and shot twice, while another version claims that he was shot twice in the vehicle.

In both versions of the story, the MP was said to have been accused of being a part of the Akufo-Addo government which has made life unbearable for Ghanaians.

But what is making many people perceive the attack as a contract killing and not an excess from a robbery is that the assassins, after shooting the MP, took nothing from the MP.

One less plausible version of the narration of the murder was that the MP and his entourage had run into an ongoing highway robbery, and he had sought to de-escalate the situation by walking to the robbers and identifying himself as an MP in the hope that the robbers will flee. However, they swung into a murderous mode by first accusing him as being part of a government causing hardship in the country.

The police is frantically on the prowl, seeking to sniff out the robbers.


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