Neighbours of EC Boss Forced Into Concentration Camp

-Heavily Armoured Military Presence Invokes Terror.

Residents in the neighbourhood of the Cantonments home of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commissioner, Jean Adukwe Mensah have been forced into a perpetual state of terror as the Akufo Addo administration deploy a heavily armed detachment of Soldiers, Police and National Security operatives to guard Ms Mensah.

Whatsup News has gathered from some neighbours that the government is installing scores of CCTV cameras around the home of the EC boss and that these civilians feel their privacy eroded by the CCTV cameras peering over into their compounds.

The scene around the entire Indabaningi Street in Cantonment has been transformed into a war-time setting as armoured vehicles, anti-riot vehicles, heavily armed military and police officers roll in to protect the god-like EC boss.

It is believed that Jean Mensah’s security could easily outshine that of the President.

A few days ago, the Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper confirmed this curious protective fortress built around Ms Mensah, saying all residents who get in and out of the perimeter around her home are thoroughly searched by the joint security guards.

“Last week I was coming home from town, late at night, there were barricades around her house; you can’t drive in front of her house without being thoroughly searched and so on. What is it that has highlighted the security level of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission?” Kwasi Pratt questioned.

 “What does National Security know that we don’t know? In any case, why does she feel so frightened as to call for this level of security, and if this level of security is called for, then something must be happening.”

The treatment of Jean Mensah by the Akufo Addo administration is increasingly confirming speculations that she was purposely handpicked at the EC boss so she can rig elections for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

So far, most of her actions have been suspect and yet, have been fully supported by the ruling party. For instance, when she spearheaded the shambolic new voters registration exercise despite an existing one that has been tipped as credible by several civil society groups. Her contentious overhaul of the existing register was fully backed by the Akufo Addo administration.

Critics surmise that she is probably being heavily protected due to the plausibility of an attempt on her by disgruntled adventurers or the masses who may have concluded that her antics at the election management body was unduly favouring the ruling party.


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