TRUST ME, Akufo Addo Begs Voters

In a reminiscent of his infamous “Try me too”, President Nana Akufo-Addo has said his main message to Ghanaian electorates run-up to the December 2020 presidential elections is that he should be seen as a trustworthy president.

“I want to come across the people of Ghana as an honest man, a man they can trust because of my performance – what I’ve done in government, the key matters that I said I was going to do, I’ve gone a long way in doing them and, therefore, when they look at their future in these very difficult times; all of us are aware of the very difficult times that we live in, the COVID world that has had a devastating impact on all countries around the world, on all economies around the world – that they have before them a political leader who has walked his talk, who can, therefore, be trusted when he says I can help get us out of this situation and put our country and ourselves in a better place”, the President said in an interview on ATL FM  in the Central Region, where is currently touring.

“I’m hoping that what Ghanaians will understand by December is that, in the case of this particular president and this particular leader, the gap between what he said and what he has done is narrow, is almost non-existent”, the President boasted, adding “That’s my wish.”

He said that is his “main message that I want to deliver this December.”

The President’s wish is, however, a tall order, given the recent goof in his administration’s attempt to catalogue its list of achievements. Earlier this week, Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia had been the main presenter of the Akufo Addo administration’s list of social infrastructural projects it had allegedly delivered.

As it turned out, however, many of the said projects were either non-existent or were project privately undertaken by individuals, companies and non-governmental organisation. 

For instance, the Vice President claimed that work was ongoing for an ultra-modern water system in Kanda-Accra. However, when reporters went to verify, it turned out that the borehole project had been abandoned for over two years now, forcing residents to rely on water flowing close to sewage systems.

Another example include a multi-classroom project in the Tain District in the Bono District. The government had claimed it for itself. However, the Rotary Club had rebutted the claim, saying the project was funded solely by the Rotary club.

Also, the Akufo Addo administration will have a hard time convincing voters it is to be trusted more than the previous administration, given the plethora of corruption cases exposed in the government, to which nobody has been prosecuted. Some of these scandals include the involvement of government appointees in illegal mining operations, countless procurement breaches by appointees, the mega scandals of the Power Distribution Services (PDS), the Ameri power deal, among several others.


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