‘Sista Afia’, Freda Rhymes In Shameful “Beef” Blows

The lyrical cold war between female Afro-Pop singer, Sista Afia, and female rapper, Freda Rhymz, appears to have degenerated into bad blood, as the two nearly exchanged physical assault.

The two ladies are captured in a viral video in a near brawl that only did not happen because people around separated them.

Apparently, the two had thrown all courtesy and self-respect away when they ran into each other on the premises of Media General and made a go at each other.

Prior to the brawl, Sista Afia had granted an interview and vowed to beat Freda Rhymz with whom she and another female rapper, Eno, have for some time now, been engaged in a turf war normally referred to a “beef” in the music community.

When the two finally crossed path on the premises of Media General, ladyship gave way to thuggery.

Sista Afia who initiated the attack took off her heels, handed her bag to a member of her crew and made an attempt to lung at Freda Rhymz, who also reciprocated with a somewhat Kung Fu charging stance.

“Come and say it to my face, say it to my face,” Sista Afia kept saying. Fortunately, there were a couple of gentlemen around who separated the two.

Even so, Sista Afia would not be calmed down, she followed Freda Rhymz, a signee of Black Avenue Music and her crew around looking for an opening to attack the rapper.

Further attempts to separate them were met with a response from Sista Afia who threatened to slap a security man trying to get her to back off.

The video has since gone viral and provoked talking points on social media.


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