Nsawam Medium Prison Fumigated

The Nsawam Medium Prison was fumigated on Sunday, courtesy of cleaning service company, Dansworld Cleaning Services Limited (DISL).

In addition to blasting the facility with liquid chemicals, the facility was also carefully disinfected by a team from the company which says it did it to help ensure that the Coronavirus does not spread in the prison.

The fumigation had been supervised by the Eastern Regional Prisons Commander of the Prison Service, Ernest Adofo. Also on hand was the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Adamu Latif Abdul.

 “… this is our Corporate Social Responsibility in the fight against Covid-19 and most importantly, our prisons service, as you saw when we entered can barely practice social distancing, so these measures like constant fumigation are very important to prevent the virus from entering there,” said CEO of the company, Bernard Ntow.

The fumigation is coming days after ten people at a Police cell in Ashiaman tested positive for the coronavirus.

Adamu Latif Abdul, the PRO expressed gratitude for the gesture by the private company saying the fumigation does not only take away risk from inmates, but Prisons personnel as well.

“We are grateful to Dansworld and their management for this exercise. Even though we haven’t recorded any case here so far, the nature of our prisons and its management is such that, it will be difficult to practice social distancing with the inmates.”


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