Nigeria Leads In COVID-19 Deaths In West Africa

The West African sub-region has a recorded a total of 13,112 Coronavirus (Covid-19) infections and 301 deaths from the disease.
Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country has the highest number of casualties with 93 deaths. The country also has the highest number of infections with a caseload of 2,802.
Burkina Faso has the second-highest number of deaths with Niger following suit as the country with the third-highest number of deaths at 37.
West Africa’s Covid-19 table of doom features a total of 15 countries. Benin has 96 cases with 2 deaths; Burkina Faso -672 cases 46 deaths; Cape Verde 175 cases, 2 deaths;
Cote d’Ivoire 1,432 cases 17 deaths; and The Gambia 17 cases, 1 death.
Ghana has 2,719 cases, 18 deaths; Guinea 1710 cases, 9 deaths; Guinea Bissau 413 cases, 1 death; Liberia 166 cases 18 deaths; Mali 580 cases, 29 deaths; Niger 755 cases 37 deaths, Niger4ia 2802 cases 93 deaths and Senegal has 1,271 cases with 10 deaths.
Sierra Leon has 178 cases with 9 deaths while Togo has 126 cases 9 deaths.
West Africa’s statistics, along with those of the rest of Africa are still growing causing concern. The World Health Organization fears Africa could become the next hot spot after the USA subcontinent.
Africa’s poor Health infrastructure has left many fearing a catastrophic near future.


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