AMA Closes Down 5 Shops Over Non-Compliance With Covid-19 Hygiene Protocols

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), this morning closed five shops in Kaneshie, a busy market suburb in Accra for non-compliance with hygiene protocols prescribed by AMA to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Chief Inspector Florence Kutin, ordered the shops to be shut after observing that the owners did not deploy “Veronica Buckets” along with water, soap and tissue for hand cleansing as directed by the AMA.

The shops also did not have alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

According to Madam Kutin who ignored pleas for clemency, the owners had no excuse as her outfit had served more than 5,000 shops with letters directing compliance.

It is not clear if the AMA will proceed with prosecutions. The five shops were part of seven shops that the AMA had toured this morning. Those who complied with the AMA directives had their veronica buckets and other sanitary accessories openly displayed before them.

The visitations were unannounced and therefore caught the culprits off guard. The AMA has vowed to continue with the stint operations until all non-compliant shops are closed.


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