COA-FS From Ghana Offers Hope For Covid-19 Treatment

An immune booster from Ghana called COA FS is offering hope in the raging infection of the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus.

Ghanaian scientists at the Noguchi Memorial Research Center at the University of Ghana and collaborating experts from around the world are busily testing COA FS, which had earlier been made to fight the HIV virus.

As experts hint, this immune booster from Ghana functions purposefully by shoring up the strength of the immune system so that it is generally bolstered against viruses.

Professor Abraham Kwabena Anang, the director at the Noguchi Memorial Medical Institute believes that COA Fs may truly be effective against Covid-19.

Based on this belief, Noguchi is leading clinical trials: “so we are in the process of putting together the clinical results before we are able to say this medicine is good and can even be exported for HIV, Covid-19 or any viral disease,” Prof. Anang is quoted as saying.

“For now the medicine is registered as an immune booster and as an immune booster, we know that for Covid-19 if you have a stronger immune system then there is a better chance of surviving. So if it is an effective immune booster then you can also assume that it can help in the fight but of course, unless you use it, you can’t tell,” Prof Anang said.

Interestingly, the emergence of COA FS as a likely candidate to fight Covid-19 comes on the heels of a question that WhatsUp News had put to medical officials concerning what the Ghanaian Medical community was doing to help the global research for a cure to Covid-19.

“We want to make sure that COA FS is properly tested and assessed. We actually have a process ongoing with a comprehensive stakeholder approach with the Food and Drugs Authority, Centre for Plant Medicine and others,” Dr. Anang said.

As Chloroquine begins to show that it is not reliable, COA FS may now be one of the world’s best hope against the deadly Covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus.


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