3rd Covid-19 Victim In Ghana Dies, As total infections Hit 68

The death toll in Ghana from the deadly Covid-19 coronavirus has hit three out of the 68 officially confirmed infections.

The third victim, a woman, was reported at the 37 Military Hospital. The unnamed victim is reportedly the wife of a two-star military General in Ghana.

The husband of the deceased (the two-star General) is also reported to be in a critical condition currently from Covid-19 infection.

According to reports carried by Myjoyonline, the General and his wife may have contracted the disease from third-party contacts because they have not travelled out of Ghana for a long time now.

 This revelation betrays a worrying reality that many people may have unsuspectingly contracted the deadly viral disease through community contacts.

The death rate of Covid-19 in Ghana is presently at 4.4% of total infection and it is at par with the global average of approximately 4.5%.

Globally, approximately 453,000 people have been infected and about 20,500 have died from the global pandemic which has defied cure for several months now.

Incidentally, Ghana is one of the countries with a fast-rising incident of the disease as the rate of infection has jumped from two to 68 in less than two weeks.

On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Services announced 25 new cases from travellers to Ghana forced into quarantine. However, in less than 24 hours after this initial announcement, officials were forced to announce another 15 from those in quarantine and who had travelled into Ghana from epicentres in Europe, America and Asia.

It is currently estimated that the first dozen patients who were not captured in the quarantine net about two weeks ago had currently generated a chain-reaction of over 820 contacts.

This implies that over 800 residents of Ghana currently go about their regular routine without a clue whether they have the virus or not from being in contact with confirmed patients.



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