Gov’t Sends Soldiers, Police To Disinfect Markets Against Covid-19

Local response to the ongoing coronavirus global pandemic now includes the disinfection of markets with chlorine.

The government this morning sent a team of Police and Military personnel to spray major markets in the national capital Accra, including the Agbogbloshie, Makola and Tema markets.

Led by the Ministry of Local Government, the team closed Kantamanto, the used clothes hub adjoining the Makola market and blasted liquid chlorine to the whole area.

The team also sprayed the main streets of the Central business district.

It is not clear who advised the use of chlorine but public reaction has been sceptical, with many saying the chlorine is only as good as a repellant against rodents and cockroaches.

However, Mayor of Accra, Nii Adjei Sowah insisted that chlorine is also effective against bacteria and viruses.

“I know it is something that many people do not know, chlorine is also very effective against bacteria and viruses,” the Mayor told journalists without quoting any medical authority.

All over the world, medical experts warn that not much is known about the coronavirus beyond the fact that it belongs to the family of flu viruses and is very susceptible to heat and alcohol-based disinfectants.

“We are not entertaining anybody within the market. As a practice, if a trader is closing for the day, they are supposed to cover the wares especially food items but we re-echoed it simply because we are doing disinfection,” the Accra Mayor stated.

“We are using chlorine we have been told that it is not toxic, we have been told that safety measures are to be adhered to. In the event that we find any ware open that is not covered, that will be taken away; it will be seized.”


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