POLICE Probe Two Indian CEOs For Attempted Murder

The Ghana Police Service has launched an investigation into allegations of attempted murder of two Indians by the CEO and brother of Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited, Whatsup News has gathered.

Incidentally, James Gnanaraj Rajamani and his younger brother who are both the CEO and directors of Kingdom Exim Ghana respectively, are also Indian nationals resident in Ghana.

In a Bollywood-styled drama, the two reportedly hunted down their compatriots when it turned out the CEO was sleeping with the wife of one of them.

The two were recently invited for questioning at the Ammunition Anti Robbery Unit of the Criminal InvestigationsDepartment (CID), over their allegations ofattempted murder of their compatriots in Tema on 27th December 2019.

According to reports, when CID officers went to the premises of the suspects toinvite them to the Police station for questioning, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Daniel Nii Kwartei Titus Glover appeared from nowhere amidst blowing of sirens. Titus Glover reportedly prevented the CID bemused officers from picking up the suspects to the Police station.

In what is suspected to be a possible manipulation of the investigations, the case has slowed down. When the suspects appeared at the CID headquarters recently, they reportedly came in the company of Titus Glover and 20 armed “machomen”, surprisingly once again, the Deputy Minister of Transport was with the group.

According to the victims, they have had about three meetings at the Police Headquarters but for whatever reasons no concrete action has yet been taken in respect of the case.

On 27th December 2019, two Indian nationals, Francis Selvaraj and Mahesh Kumah Balun were shot at by two men on motorbike at Pub in Tema Community 7.

Francis used to work for the suspects’ company, Kingdom Exim Ghana Limited, and his appointment was terminated after he reportedly confronted the suspects about the illicit sexual affair by James with Francis’ wife.

This was the beginning of Francis’ problems and cause of the attempted murder. Prior to the shooting incident, Francis was threatened at gunpoint by the suspects.

Francis was also said to have been kidnapped and locked up at the premises of the suspects. The next day Francis was deported from Ghana. 

Before the deportation, the suspects had the following words to tell Francis.  “if you inform anybody about this encounter and the issue about your wife, we will kill you and dump you in the trash and nobody dares question us; not even any governmental body in Ghana will dare question us. We have money and can buy anybody at all in Ghana”

After serving his deportation term, Francis returned to Ghana, where an attempt was made on his life on December 27, 2019.


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