Bride Price: Celebrating tradition or demeaning women?

Bride price paying has remained a debate on whether it is an African tradition or a scam that demeans women.

Campaigners now fear that the paying of bride price is being misused and exploited.

Considered by many as only symbolic, the price sometimes sees tens of thousands of pounds change hands. The cash is normally paid to the men in the bride’s family.

BBC’s Newsbeat dug into the bride price topic and filmed Britsh couples of African decent.

Geoff and Angela are both British, but like many couples of Ghanaian descent they have chosen to express their identities by having a traditional wedding. That includes Geoff paying Angela’s family a bride price as part of the marriage.

We see the preparations and rehearsals, hear about why a traditional wedding is important to both them and their families, and witness their big day.

Nyasha Michelle asks where we draw the line between upholding tradition, human rights, and an opportunity to make money.



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