Danger! Fake Kasapreko Alomo & Co. Flood Market

Police Investigators from the Ashanti Regional Police command has intercepted a heavy consignment of fake alcoholic beverages branded in the colours of Gihoc Distilleries famous brands.

Whatsup News is in possession of amateur videos taken during the confiscation of the fake bottled drinks. In the video police officers could be seen packing hundreds of cartons of the adulterated drinks onto a waiting truck.

The culprits whose identities cannot be immediately ascertained were reportedly arrested and detained on Tuesday and are being investigated.

The video shows several bottles of premium brands of Gihoc Distilleries like Mandingo, Alomo Bitters, Herb Africa, etc. are being produced in the filthy backyard of the culprits who used crude and unhygienic raw materials to produce these adulterated brands. It is unclear how long the gang has been operating and how widely they have circulated their products. Police investigators say they are seriously investigating the producers of this dangerous brew.


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