EXCLUSIVE! US Revokes ‘Casanova’ Prof. Gyampo’s Visa -No hearing, No Reasons given.

Whatsup News has exclusively gathered that the United States Embassy in Ghana has refused travel request made by embattled economics lecturer at the University of Ghana, Prof. Ransford Gyampo who was recently busted in the BBC’s undercover sexual harassment exposé, “Sex for Grades”.Additionally, the US Embassy has revoked a five-year visa that the economic expert had been previously given.

This escalation of the plight of the beleaguered lecturer resulted in his lawyers-Capital Law Partners, writing to complain to the embassy about the unfair treatment meted out to their clients.

Whatsup News has exclusively intercepted the complaint letter written to the US Embassy, where the law firm wrote: “Our Client informs us further that after the application for Category A visa was made they were informed that not all of them qualified for such visas; that they should rather apply for Category B visas; which option our client did not exercise since he already had a 5-year Category “B” visa issued to him….”The letter dated October 12, 2019, continues: “Our Client informs us that he requested for a return of his passport to him; regrettably, however, when the passport was returned to our client …the 5 year visa already issued to him … had been revoked without giving him a hearing and no reasons were assigned for the exercise of your discretion.”The lawyers complained bitterly how the revocation has dealt a blow on Professor Gyampo’s responsibility as a member of a Committee put in place by the Electoral Commission of Ghana to undertake local and international consultations for the famed Representation of the Peoples’ Amendment Act (ROPAA).

His role requires him to travel extensively to interact with the Ghanaian diaspora. It was on one such occasion to the US that he discovered he has been declared persona non grata by the US immigration service.“We have the instructions of our client to humble request a reversal of your decision to revoke his visa to enable him join his colleagues on the ROPAA Implementation Committee, to undertake the very important national assignment given the Committee to ensure the entrenchment of democracy in Ghana by extending the right to vote to Ghanaians in the United States of America,” Prof. Gyampo’s lawyers stated as they insisted to be furnished with specific reasons for the revocation of the five-year visa of their client.

It is believed that the damning exposé from the BBC documentary may possibly have a lot to do with the US Embassy’s decision.In the BBC documentary by BBC Africa Eye crew, Professor Gyampo reportedly lured a BBC reporter posing as a female student seeking academic favours, to an unnamed shopping mall Casanova-style, and sweet-talked the lady- including promising to marry her.

In excerpts of the video released on BBC Somalia’s Facebook page, Professor Gyampo persuaded the reporter to meet him at the mall where he was caught on camera making “numerous [alleged] inappropriate demands,” such as making demands to “Violently Kiss” the undercover reporter.BBC Africa Eye team also sent undercover journalists posing as students into the University of Lagos, where the disturbing trend of sex-for-grades were exposed among university lecturers.


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