Anti-CSE Critics “Ill-Meaning Citizens,” says “Arrogant Napo”

Education Minister Mathew Opoku Prempeh has described as “ill-meaning citizens” the civil society organisations, religious bodies and individuals who opposed the contentious Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) being clandestinely sneaked in by the equally controversial International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). 

Critics have warned that the CSE which has already been captured in the 2019 budget statement and in some school curricula was a coy push for a Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) agenda in Ghana. In a post on his Facebook page on Thursday, October 10, 2019, Dr.

Opoku Prempeh wrote:  “I was called upon by the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi to clarify the government’s stance on the brouhaha over Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) which has been grossly misinterpreted and misrepresented by ill-meaning citizens.” As at press time today October 13, 2019, the Minister had quickly changed the irksome phrase “ill-meaning citizens” and replaced it with “some citizens”, perhaps after social media was set alight by the sour phrase. By implication, the Catholic Bishops Conference, the Charismatic Christian Association of Ghana the National Chief Imam whose membership tops over 25 million Ghanaians fall under ill-meaning Ghanaians category. 

Religious bodies, civil society groups and education experts since last week have raised red flags that every aspect of the CSE, which was prepared by the controversial International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), is a subliminal agenda of the powerful community of LGBTs and their lobbyists in the United Nations agencies. Religious organisations described the CSE as “Satanic”. Critics have pointed out that the CSE was designed to get particularly conservative countries in Africa to institutionalise LGBT acceptance.

The CSE manuals show explicit sexual content meant to be taught kids as young as five years old. Some of the content described in detail, same-sex coital acts, anal sex, and masturbation. Also, the CSE proposed teaching Ghanaian students how to insist on whatever way they derive sexual pleasures as their sexual rights. 

Backed with mouth-watering funds, the CSE was reportedly forced on the United Nations to authorise its member states particularly in Africa to implement it. IPPF estimates that by 2022, over one billion people across the world would be receptive to the CSE ideals. President Akufo Addo has since been forced to shoot down the CSE saying it will not be introduced into Ghanaian schools on his watch. However, critics think this pronouncement is a mere lip-service because they know the content has already been subliminally sneaked into school curricula. 

A member of the Presbyterian Church, Dr Samuel Onwona, shortly after the President’s promise, challenged him to cause the burning of documents containing the CSE instructions. “If you say it is not going to happen under your presidency, then show us the destruction of the manual, because it’s been produced, they have copies.”


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