ANAS Braces for Stinking Exposé At Attorney General’s Department

Feared investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has revealed that his attest exposure of rot will have its spotlight on the Attorney-General’s Department.

The main subject of the investigation that exposed massive corruption at the AGs department will start with the notorious AGs office in the Upper East Region.Whatsup News gathered that the implication of the expose will dovetail to affect the main AGs office in Accra.“Last week, I spoke about some aching rot at the Attorney-General’s Department in the Upper East Region.

This is the most powerful office in the region, mightier than the office of the Regional Minister. That office has become a hideout for notorious criminals and corrupt elements of affluence and influence,” Anas hinted.He goes on: “Nobody is safe in this region including you reading this post. Your life, the lives of your loved ones and all the things you have toiled for are not safe because of the evil goings-on inside that office. Anybody can claim your life or your property and win the case in court against you because he or she has what it takes (cash) to buy justice at the Attorney-General’s Department”The undercover documentary will expose how crime suspects are tutored by the AGs department on how to get off the hook.

“They commit violent crimes, pay cash for justice at the Attorney-General’s Department and, then, they are free to kill and maim their next victims,” Anas further hinted.Anas was responsible for the ground-breaking investigative piece a few years ago that exposed the massive corruption in the justice system, where judges were caught red-handed receiving bribes to destroy cases against criminals.

Since that expose, Anas through his Tiger Eye private investigative agency has exposed several other undercover pieces, including the controversial Number 12 that exposed how the disgraced former Ghana Football Association President Kwasi Nyantakyi was caught in a US$ 12 million influence-peddling.


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