Jubilee House Impersonated Me- Census Officer Cries

An applicant seeking to be a field officer for the ongoing Population and Housing Census (PHC) is alleging that her name and identity were conveniently conferred onto another applicant sponsored by the seat of government, Jubilee House.

Irene Adjei recounts in a write-up her shocking experience in the motions that ended in her not being accepted as a field officer even though her application had been successful and she had passed her interview.

After doing the hard work, someone else emerged through a Jubilee House protocol list, bearing her full name and everything else about her. Only her phone number on the form proved that she was the person who had sat the interview and passed and not her doppelganger.

 “…I was glad to make it to the registration process. Prior to that, I had received a phone notification to confirm this. My *”Wahala”* started when I found out someone, claiming to bear all three of my names…showed up from nowhere’’ to be me. 

She explains that she stayed calm hoping that there was a mix-up and that it would be sorted out.

She said she gave the name of one of the men on the panel of interviewers she had become acquainted with, hoping it would save her situation. 

However, she was to be shocked when the truth was told to her face.

“I was told the powers that backed the other lady’s sudden emergence were great…,’’ the bemused field agent recounted.


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