GWCL Closing Water Taps In Town Over Billing Arrears

A task force of the Ghana Water Company Limited has hit town to disconnect the taps of water consumers with billing arrears.

The task force is combing through towns and locking up taps whose owners have not paid their bills for a long time.

Also, users of water who are illegally connected to the national distribution are having their taps cut.

Management of Ghana Water Company Limited issued notice to this on November 15, 2021. 

The exercise is to last till all persons in arrears are dealt with warning the company has set up disconnection teams in the various regions and districts offices to disconnect all categories of customers whose bills are in arrears.

“Disconnected customers will be made to pay their bills in full together with reconnection fees before they are reconnected. We, therefore, advise our valued customers to make efforts to pay their bills and clear all arrears to avoid being disconnected,” GWCL said in a statement.

Apart from disconnecting defaulters, the teams will also check illegal connections, self –reconnections and the use of in-line booster pumps at customer’s premises. “All persons found to be engaged in such criminal activities shall be handed over to the Police for prosecution,” the statement added.

Paid-up customers have been advised to leave their payment receipts behind when leaving their homes (premises) to avoid wrongful disconnections.

Also, customers who have paid via mobile money or other electronic means will need to show SMS payment receipts as proof of payment.

Payments of water bills can be made at all Ghana Water Company Limited offices and revenue collection points, via mobile money payments such as Vodafone cash, MTN MOMO, AirtelTigo cash, Slydepay, Express pay and all GWCL partnered banks across the country.

The management of GWCL entreated customers to cooperate with the teams as they undertake this exercise 


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