Create, Loot And Share Allegations Dog Upcoming GNAT Conference

The build-up to a National delegates’ conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) in January 2022, has been hit by allegations of corruption and financial malfeasance.

An aspiring National President of the Association is reportedly threatening to go to court over the alleged rot, said to be in the form of a cash creaming scheme being perpetrated by the current Executives of GNAT.

Frank Otoo, a teacher and Association member in good standing is accusing the executives of practically stealing from aspirants for various positions in GNAT by pocketing part, or in some cases, whole cash amounts that are due the aspirants in the form of campaign funds.

He as an aspirant for the Presidency of GNAT, Mr. Otoo, is threatening to go to court and injunct the electoral process if the Executives do not refund monies that they have allegedly creamed off aspirants.

“The impunity and corruption among fellow teachers who are supposed to be role models have gone on for too long and must stop. If it has to take a court suit for it to happen, then we will consider that,” Mr. Otoo said in a statement released to the media.

GNAT will hold a conference to elect new Executives from 2nd to 9th January 2022.

A number of aspirants have filed for various positions including seven persons who are contesting for the Presidency. Mr. Frank Otoo is one of the seven.

According to his statement, GNAT, which is said to be the richest Association of any kind in Ghana and only second to SSNIT in terms of wealthy institutions, advances funds to all aspirants for various positions during conferences.

In the case of aspirants for the Presidency, each is supposed to be paid Ghc5, 000 to assist with the funding of their campaigns. However, the seven presidential aspirants this year, have been either paid slashed amounts or given nothing at all.

According to information, the aspirants who received funds from GNAT have been paid between Ghc2000 and Ghc3000, while others, including Mr. Otoo have not been paid a dime.

The discrimination is blamed on corruption by the current Executives led by National President, Philipa Larson.

MADAME Larson and her General Secretary, Thomas Musah, are said to have devised a corrupt scheme by which they cream-off suchlike monies.

Attempts have been made to reach the two Executives for their response on the issue but after Madam Larson’s phone has only been rejecting calls, after she first declined comment after a call was placed to her phone.

Mr. Thomas Musah has also not picked calls placed to him pleading that he is busy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Otoo makes the point that every month, each of the over 200,000 GNAT members pay Ghc23.84 in dues saying the reason the dues are paid is for the members to have financial support such as running for elections.


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