Boarding Schools Are Breeding Grounds For Homosexuals And Lesbians

…LPG’s Kofi Akpaloo

The 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) has added to his controversial advocacy against the anti-gay Bill in Ghana’s Parliament, claiming boarding schools are breeding grounds for homosexuals and lesbians.

In an interview on Original TV, he argues that Ghana would be waging a more sensible war against ho if boarding schools are all collapsed, reiterating that the law seeking to criminalize gay sex is rather sidestepping.

“As for that law, it is discriminatory and we in the LPG refuse to support anything that discriminates against anybody. If we are serious about fighting the gay phenomenon then we must collapse all boarding schools because that is a major contributor to the phenomenon,” he said in Twi.

According to Mr. Akpaloo, many of the homosexuals who have become powerful in society became twisted through sexual misadventures in boarding schools and are now using their wealth and power to influence younger people.

He also observed that many people become gay out of desperation to escape poverty.

On the same show was Nana Yaa Akyempem Jantuah, General Secretary of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), who disagreed with Mr. Akpaloo saying the current gay phenomenon in Ghana is infiltration from the West, rather than boarding schools.

She pointed out many straight people in society, including herself, also attended boarding schools but never became homosexuals or lesbians.

Also, Nana said in the past many great people in society had attended boarding schools but the gay phenomenon was not as prevalent as it is in modern Ghana, saying it disproves the argument by Kofi Akpaloo.

She however agreed with the LPG leader that many young people become gay out of desperate poverty. 

The CPP General Secretary said she was totally in support of the law to criminalize the gay lifestyle in Ghana while the LPG leader said he was totally against it.


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