NPP Goons Plotting To Bring Me Down

…Greater Accra Minister

The Regional Minister for Greater Accra, Henry Quartey, has revealed a plot within the party by some saboteurs to mess up his work.

In a revelation at the NPP’s Greater Accra Regional Delegates Conference in Accra on Thursday, October 14, 2021, the Ayawaso Central MP told delegates his detractors are secretly holding meetings as part of the plot.

According to him, the detractors claim he is becoming too powerful in the party and must therefore have his wings clipped, adding such jealousy will not inure to the party’s desire to break the eight-year power rotation cycle.

“We sit here and say, break the eight, break the eight, and you are holding meetings among yourselves to bring somebody down. I am sad today and I will explain why. When the President gave me the position to be the Regional Minister, he among other things wanted me to be able to unite the party at the grassroots. That I have been doing, and so I thought, people, will stop speaking behind our backs,” Quartey complained.

“But just last week, some people met and said, I am getting too much power in the region, so they are planning to bring me down. But when you do this, how do we break the eight? All I am doing is working for all of us. All we care about is our personal ambitions but let’s all realize that we have one agenda to break the eight,” he said.

The Minister did not name names.

He also expressed unhappiness over party people using social media to undermine people in office saying it does not augur well for the wellbeing of the party.

“Social media has become a platform for us to insult leaders of the party. We wash our dirty linen on social media and when people are cautioned, they will tell you, the party belongs to all of us. There must be discipline in the party. If people misbehave, suspend them. We’re already in power and therefore any inaction or misbehavior of ours, will hurt our chances of retaining that power come 2024,” he emphasized.


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