TOTAL BREAKDOWN OF PROTOCOL: Ketekrachi Prison Inmates Rape And Father Children With Civilians

The prison at Ketekrechi in the Oti Region has morphed into a vacation destination of sorts for convicted criminals who are given allowed free movement in the town, leading to them impregnating several townsfolks, Whatsup News has been finding out.

Inmates have been virtually allowed civilian lives so that they can go out and come in like the prison is just a home away from home, with penitentiary becoming a gangsters’ paradise for utter reprobates like murderers, armed robbers, thieves and sex predators reliable sources tell Whatsup News.

Naturally, the civilian society in the town has been paying dearly to the monster society that has been unleashed on it with increasing cases of attempted rape and other vices reportedly committed by the free-roving inmates. 

But it is not only the civilians who have been at the receiving end of the nightmare – Prisons Officers who refuse to be a part of the jungle culture are punished for supposedly acting holier than thou.

And because the whole sub-culture is based on bribery as well, inmates too have had horror stories to tell – there have been instances where prisoners who do not have money to bribe officers have been constrained to smuggle rolls of marijuana that they want to enjoy in the prison, by stuffing it into their anus, insiders reveal. 

Where the smuggle fails such prisoners are made to pay double bribes.

Among other adventures, inmates binge on booze at beer bars and frolic with women, including people’s wives in town. According to sources, one inmate recently attempted to rape a girl in town and this stirred up anger among the town’s people. This same rapist would later be caught fingering another girl in town and this time the Prisons Command there had to put him in solitary confinement for some time.

But another prisoner has since fathered a child with a female help at the Ketekrachi prison canteen. Coming Sunday, another inmate is scheduled to outdoor a baby that he has had with another girl in town.

The Ketekrachi local prison has a total of 400 inmates and 24 Prisons Officers, 12 of whom are senior ranked; along with one transiting officer. That facility is headed by the Assistant Director of Prisons William Kulah.

Under ADP Kulah’s nose, a nationwide prison culture that allows inmates to be out for labor service from 6 am to 6 pm has been disregard so that officers allow prisoners to stay out and come in as late as 8 pm, say worried residents.

The freedom that is allowed the prisoners, according to insider sources, is in exchange for bribes that inmates are willing to pay officers. And because these inmates pay for that extra-judicial liberty, they make the most of it when they are in town.

WhatsUp News placed a phone to ADP William Kulah over the curious prison sub-culture in the township. But Kulah denied the reports. 

According to him, he is not aware of prisoners impregnating civilians, officers stealing prison food and inmates breaking the 6 am to 6 pm rules.

But WhatsUp News confronted ADP Mr. Kulah with revelations that he himself is the first guilty person. Allegedly, the Director of the Ketekrachi has put together a special gang of prisoners which he has specially assigned to assistance duties with his wife.

ADP Kulah’s better half is a market woman and she is assigned a gang that leaves the prison at 5 am and work with her until 8 pm at the shop. Members of this gang take advantage of their time outside to enjoy civilian life, Whatsup News has heard.

Again ADP Kulah denied the allegation but admitted that the inmates at the Ketekrachi local prison face especially disheartening austerity because they, unlike inmates in other prisons, do not get the benefits of the occasional benevolence of donors like NGOs.

Because they have to depend on only what the government allots them, he was implying that unconventional measures had to be taken to keep them from starving to death. Beyond this, there is nothing else that he is aware of, he claimed.

However, multiple sources have told WhatsUp News that these issues have been raised at numerous staff durbars, but whenever they are raised, they are deliberately ignored because ADP Kulah and other officers benefit from the alleged bribes and free labor that prisoners supply.

According to sources, the Ketekrachi prison top hierarchy is so protective of the sub-culture going on there that when officers from other prisons are about to visit, officers who are unhappy about the conditions there are warned not to mention any of it to the visitor officer.

Officers who show intent to snitch are punished with fictitious extra duties to silence them, sources have said.

WhatsUp News’ investigation also threw up reports that some prison breaks have happened in the past and that recently, one prisoner had broken jail.

ADP Kulah and his men however have kept the escape under wraps. Mr. Kulah denies any knowledge of an escaped prisoner.

Meanwhile, the sub-culture there has also been a turn-off for many officers who are posted to Ketekrachi, Whatsup New has heard. Reportedly as many as 19 officers have taken transfers this year alone.


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