Akufo Addo Leaves $38m, Badly-needed Oxygen Tanks To Rot

-As He Abandon’s Kufuor’s 38 Military Hospital

There is an outpouring of pure anger after Onua FM broadcaster, Captain Smart, screened a video of an ultra-modern medical facility that former President John Mahama had started building at Afari in the Atwima Nwabiegya district of the Ashanti Region as a military hospital.

The 90-bed capacity J. A. Kufuor Military Hospital is now overtaken by weeds even though as of 2016 the facility was 90 percent complete and only needed to be fitted with medical equipment.

The equipment, were bought at a cost of a whopping US$38million but have since been left to the mercies of the elements and have totally been destroyed.

For an unknown reason, the Akufo Addo administration refused to equip the hospital with the available medical equipment, including over 90 badly-needed premium quality oxygen cylinders.

The video report by Captain Smart which was showed on Onua TV captures equipment including MRI machines, oxygen cylinders and other expensive machines, rusting away in the open air where they have been dumped for over four years now.

The journalists who said he was pained in the heart over the development pointed out in a background commentary as the pictures rolled that the cylinders were left to rot away at a time that Ghana’s battle with COVID-19 could have benefited from oxygen cylinders which are virtually scarce in most hospitals across the country.

In addition to the cylinders, the Hospital, he said, also had had fitments including a Helipad and an automated transfer mechanism for automatic transfer of patients from the Helipad.  

Ghanaians who have seen the video have been pouring out anger at President Akufo-Addo who has a reputation of abandoning so many projects that his predecessor, John Mahama had started.


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