Sakawa War, As Assin Praso Police Arrest 14

The Police in Assin Praso in the Central Region have arrested fourteen (14) suspects after a deadly clash between incensed youth of the town and suspected cyber fraudsters, popularly known as ‘Sakawa boys.’

The arrest follows the lynching of a 26-year-old and the wounding of at least nine others in the clash at Assin Bereku.

According to the Police, investigations are underway.

The clash was reportedly triggered by the death of a 67-year-old woman, Yaa Badua, in the community.

Apparently, the town’s youth suspected the ‘Sakawa Boys” of killing her for money rituals.

The angry youth accuse the fraud boys of being behind robberies, rampant killings, and the mysterious disappearances of people in the community.

Before the violent clash, the youth had conducted a search in the ghettos where the fraud boys live and seized parcels of marijuana, guns, machetes, knives, mobile phones and laptops, and sent them to the Police and filed a complaint but nothing was done about.

However, the Police’ lack of swift response had angered the youth who had reportedly taken the law into their own hands and launched mob justice.

 In an ensuing clash, some of the boys were attacked with sticks and cutlasses and other weapons leading to the death of one person, while nine others sustained serious injuries.

The Assin Praso Police stepped in and arrested the 14 people who are assisting in investigations.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has been deposited at Assin Fosu Mortuary for Preservation.


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