McDan’s Puppet Police Raid Songor Lagoon With Guns Blazing

A number of unarmed civilians around the Songor Lagoon at Ada have been shot and wounded after the Police reportedly stormed the place and fired into the crowd.

The attack is reportedly in connection with the people’s protest over the government’s cede of Songor Salt Lagoon to Electrochem Limited, a company of the McDan Group and owned by Mr. Daniel McKorley.

The reported raid by gun-toting Police officers on Monday allegedly resulted in the wounding of many. The Police also rounded up more than 20 persons, including some chiefs according to reports picked up by Whatsup News.

WhatsUp News has been learning the chiefs who were arrested include one Nene Bayilo of Toflokpo and Nene Dade Gbon l.

Pictures and videos from the raid that WhatsuP News has seen capture hapless and unarmed civilians bloodied with mostly bullet wounds.

An amateur clip capturing one victim who says he was shot in the stomach, has the victim whose name is not given explaining that the raid was in connection with the people’s resistance to the government hijacking of the Songor Lagoon McKorley, who is a major financier of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

“McDan, you say you want to do something for us, we say we don’t want and now, you are shooting at us. You brought us bribe, we say we don’t want and now you are arresting us. Why? You brought us bribes, we say we don’t want. Our chiefs say they don’t want, we ourselves to say we don’t want it. They have arrested even our Chiefs, Nene Dade Gbon l and Nene Bayilo of Toflokpo,” the unnamed shot man tearfully lamented.

He confirmed that the raid had been carried out by the Police and that one of the people who shot at him is the boy of a Police officer at Kasseh called OPK.

Meanwhile, other sources have confirmed that about 20 people were arrested but that the number of people shot was about four. 

The raid comes barely days after some concerned citizens of the Songor Lagoon enclave held a press conference in Accra and demanded a ceding of the salt lagoon to Daniel MacKorley and his Electrochem Limited.

The concerned citizens pointed out the decision to give the lagoon to McDan to monopolize it is contrary to an existing Master Plan that the erstwhile PNDC Government crafted for the development and industrialization of the Songor salt lagoon.

In that Master Plan, the local people were to be represented in the development process.


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