Salary Starved Ghana Airport Staff Exposes MD’s Ghc150,000 Monthly Pay

Workers of the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) have taken to the streets to remonstrate over huge salary disparities between top Management and the staff of the company whose salaries have been held in arrears.

While waiting for their delayed paychecks, the workers reportedly became agitated over jaw-dropping salaries that their Managing Director, Yaw Kwakwa, and four other top Management members have been drawing monthly. 

During a demonstration over what they described as an Orwellian arrangement, leaders of the group of unhappy workers read out the compensation package for the top five Managers of the company which is struggling to pay its staff. The rest of their colleagues flared up when they heard that every month, the struggling company pays its top five Managers Ghc594, 000 as salary.

Mr. Yaw Kwakwa, the Managing Director alone takes home Ghc150, 000 out of the Ghc594,000 as monthly salary.

A video capturing the angry staff’s demonstration has since gone viral on social media with the revelation that a whopping Ghc6, 384 of his humongous salary is incorporated in his salary as monthly payment for his house watchman.

The MD is also paid Ghc9, 500 a month as salary for his house help and Ghc15, 000 as monthly rent allowance.

Meanwhile, he receives a total monthly allowance of Ghc38, 420 and Ghc11, 525 under a component called “other additions,” according to the demonstrators.

Workers of the struggling company wondered how they could be urged to sacrifice when the monthly salary of their MD’s house help alone is about four times the salaries of most of them. And to think that the MD continues to receive his salary uninterrupted while the workers’ salaries are in arrears.

And though Mr. Yaw Kwakwa is at the top of the food chain, he is not the only top salary drawer. Mention was made of the likes of Robert Sackey Tagoe and John O. Arthur who, draw a monthly salary of Ghc112,693


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