Asante Bediatuo In The Eye Of The Storm, Denies Buying Plush Holiday Inn

For the third time in less than one year, Nana Asante Bediatuo, the Executive Secretary to President Akufo Addo has been forced to deny any association with plush real estates in Accra attributed him.

The latest is his denial of speculations that he has used unexplained wealth to acquire the plush Holiday Inn Hotel for his new wife, Sarah Mary Olufemi Adetola.

However, today, July 28, 2021, his lawyers, Marfo & Associates issued a disclaimer about the said hotel located close to the Kotoka International Airport (KIA).

 “It has come to the attention of our Client that there are persistent and widely circulating rumors that he has purchased the Holiday Inn Hotel in Airport City Accra for his wife. We are instructed to inform the general public that there is no iota of truth in the rumor. We state unequivocally that neither our client nor his wife has purchased or has any interest whatsoever in the said Holiday Inn Hotel,” Marfo & Associates stated.

Insiders tell Whatsup News that the speculations had prompted the National Investigation Bureau (NIB) to launch an investigation into the veracity of the alleged purchase.

Claims have also been made that President Akufo Addo did not take kindly to the allegations and was prepared to fire his Executive Secretary should there be any credence to the allegations.

But Asante Bediatuo insists, he knows nothing of the Holiday Inn purchase and that the speculations are deliberately intended to paint him in a negative light because of his position as the right-hand-man of President Akufo Addo.

Meanwhile, there is a curious trend where Asante Bediatuo is being linked frequently with high-end properties in Accra. It is unclear the motivation for such linkages to him specifically.

For instance, around May 2021, the President’s Executive Secretary was accused by an unnamed woman in a viral audio to be planning to sell the Art Centre on the High Street in Accra. The Art Centre is a popular public property used for all sorts of activities promoting Ghana’s culture. It is located smack beside Kwame Nkrumah’s Mausoleum. 

Earlier, in October 2020, he was accused by some angry chiefs and people of Labadi in Accra, who accused him of taking their land illegally.

The chiefs said Asante Bediatuo who owns the plush Sandbox Beach Resort and was using military personnel to forcefully claim ownership to a parcel of land close to his resort.

However, Asante Bediatuo through his lawyers denied that allegation as well.

The embattled Asante Bediatuo has denied any association with the ultra-high-end Sandbox Resort, believed to have been bought for his new wife.

One Jeffrey Tetteh from the Abafun chiefdom of Accra had gone public saying Asante Bediatuo owns Sandbox.

In a statement, his lawyers at Minkah-Premo & Co Chambers described the claims as not only spurious but also unfounded and libellous.

They said, “our client states without equivocation that the allegation by the said Mr. Tetteh that he is ‘illegally claiming title to a parcel of land close to Sandbox Beach Resort is absolutely false.”

“The allegation that Sandbox Beach Resort belongs to our client is also false”, they stated, whiles noting with emphasis “state emphatically that our client does not own nor has any interest in Sandbox Beach Resort.”

Sandbox is reportedly owned by the late high-flier businessman, Ato Mould who is the son of the late former Minister of Education, Lee Ocran.


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