Marauding Soldiers In Wa Pummels Upper West NADMO Director

Reports have emerged that the soldiers that went amok in the Upper West Regional capital of Wa late last week, had brutally beaten up Upper West Regional Director of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) in their crazed rampage.

Mustapha Ahmed was said to have been beaten by some of the soldiers in his attempt to rescue the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) Cletus Awuni, who had fallen into the clutches of the marauding soldiers.

Mr. Awuni, who was in the company of his boss, Mustapha Ahmed, was reportedly recording the outrage where about a dozen soldiers unleashed terror in the Wa township kicking, slapping and clubbing screaming civilians.

Realizing that their actions were being recorded, the angry soldiers asked Mr. Awuni to delete the videos and when he refused, they pounced on him.

Reportedly, he was hit in the head with an unknown object, presumed to be the butt of a gun thrice. Another soldier pummeled him from behind.

Apparently, it was in his bid to rescue his PRO that Mustapha Ahmed was also given a taste of the military brutalities.

Already, the soldiers’ attacks on civilians has once more thrown the country into concern over the unprofessional conduct of Ghanaian soldiers under the Akufo-Addo government.

The Wa attacks come in the wake of the Ejura gun violence in which military and Police personnel opened fire on unarmed protestors, killing two and injuring many.

Reportedly, the reason the soldiers went berserk was that an officer’s brand new mobile phone had gotten missing and he suspected that someone had stolen it.

Out of anger, the yet to be identified officer went to the Military barracks and mobilized his colleagues to dish out mob justice to every passerby. Any civilian who happened to be passing by at the time was attacked by the mob who dished out slaps and reportedly forced others to roll on the ground.

MP for Wa Central, Hon. Abdul-Rashid Hassan Pelpuo, has since decried the behaviour of the soldiers.

Some distasteful things are happening in this regime which is challenging the democracy we enjoy. I think that it will only be right for the government to also condemn it completely and ensure that it never happens anywhere else.”

“…A soldier went to Melcom to purchase a mobile phone, together with some other items. He stepped out, and the phone was snatched from him. So he quickly went home and mobilised his men, who also stormed onto the street. When the military came in, they saw everyone gathered as an enemy, and launched the attack on them,” an eyewitness told Accra-based CITI FM.

“We cannot live with any government that does not respect the right of the people. The government must be ashamed of all that is happening,” he said

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