Double-Talking. Jubilee House Handing Out Ex-Gratia To Staffers Like Confetti

While the Akufo Addo administration is forcing austerity measures on Ghanaians over a supposed financial difficulty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the government is wastefully splurging millions of Ghana cedis on ex-gratia payments on staff at the Jubilee House, Whatsup News has gathered from reliable sources at the seat of government.

These ex-gratia have also been paid to presidential staffers and security officers who are not covered by the Article 72 office holders’ provisions, Whatsup News gathered from reliable sources.

 For instance, one Wendy Sarpong, a special aide to the Chief of Staff Madam Frema Opare was given a staggering GHC 200,000 ex-gratia for her services in the last four years even though she is still a post now.

Also, police and military guards posted to the Jubilee House are reportedly earning up to GHC30,000 each in ex-gratia, while the National Security “boys”, mostly conscripted from the ruling party’s militia group Delta Force and Invisible Forces, are being handed GHC 5,000 much to their anger.

Our sources also tell of how, aside from the ex-gratia, some presidential staffers have been paid salary advance of up to four years.

The situation has reportedly created serious tension at the seat of government, with the Chief of Staff becoming a target of angry staffers who are dissatisfied with their ex-gratia.

This stounding revelation flies in the face of the impression created by the Akufo Addo administration that due to COVID-19 impact on the Ghanaian economy, citizens should “tighten their belts”.

Indeed, the 2021 budget statement at the Presidency having no intention of sacrificing like everybody else as its budgetary allocation had increased by over 100%, with budgetary allocation to the presidency increasing by a cumulative 930% in the last five years.

Also, the number of presidential staffers did not reduce from its all-year high of about 1,600 people.

Whatsup News is picking up reports of disturbing unrest at the jubilee house with anger increasing among security details there.

Already, one suspicious death has been recorded at the “Flagstaff House” barracks.

On Friday morning Inspector Emmanuel Kofi Nunekpeku was found dead in his room, lying on his stomach on his bed.

According to reports, Sergeant Faustina Nunekpeku, the deceased’s wife, found him dead when she checked on him at Block E, Room 35.

The widow reported the occurrence to the Cantonments police who immediately launched an investigation into the mysterious death.


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