Sea Is Now Only 25 Meters Away From Keta-Aflao Highway

The ongoing sea erosion at Keta in the Volta Region is almost cutting off the highway that links the sandy town to Aflao as the raging sea is now only about 25 meters away from the highway.

But this is not the worst – on the other side of the highway is the Keta lagoon so that as the sea closes in, the highway is increasingly giving way between the lagoon and the onslaught from the marine, Whatsup News has gathered.

Already, the Atlantic Ocean has destroyed hundreds of homes along the coast of the communities like Agavdzi, Salakorpe, Amustinu, Adina and some parts of Agorko, all in the Ketu South Municipality of The Volta Region. 

Places that used to be communities are now covered in oceanic waters after a surge by the sea for the first time in a very long time.

Homes, forest reserves, fishing boats and other valuable items have completely gone into the sea.

On Sunday, 7th June 2021, NADMO officials were seen distributing food items, mattresses, blankets and other relief items but it is not clear what the government’s long-term plan for the people there is.


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