Volta NPP Chair Calls Regional Secretary A “Judas Reptile”

Regional Chairman, Makafui Woanyah

Infighting has broken out among the Executives of the Volta Regional branch of the ruling New Patriotic (NPP), where the Regional Chairman, Makafui Woanyah, has accused his Regional Secretary of using a strategy of gossip, lies and double-crossing to achieve some personal ambitions.

In a strongly worded write-ups to the rest of the Executives, Chairman Woanyah accuses Joseph Homenya of knocking the heads of the top of Volta NPP together in quest of personal achievements including becoming the Regional Chairman in place of Dr. Archibald Letsa.

While trying to unseat Letsa, Mr. Homenya had reportedly pretended to ally himself to the rest of the Executives, and yet behind the Executives, he has also been leaking information to the Minister, including a plot they agreed on in Sogakope to get an ally appointed to head the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).

The Regional Chairman writes that Homenya has also been working on moves to get his favorites appointed as MMDCEs and in his many diabolic moves for personal progress, he has also succeeded in messing the relationship that the regional executives have with Railways Minister, John Peter Amewu.

“I prefer to err on the side of the party. But l am rudely shocked and embarrassed and despite all the lead roles JOE has played in bringing about the current impasse between the Minister and us, Joseph is secretly in bed with the RM and continues to knock our heads,” he wrote.

“It would interest the house to note that, when l returned from the last NEC meeting, l briefed the Regional Secretary about the decision of NEC and my personal decision to recuse myself because of the current state of affairs and protest to the Minister. We both decided to settle on a replacement but JOE turned around to do otherwise and was in constant communication with the Minister and sitting on all information (In respect of vetting of MMDCEs),” he wrote. 

“Joseph has been playing smart but not being clever enough. His interest in the MMDCEs saga is huge and one cannot understand why?” The peeved NPP Chairman stated.

However, Mr. Homenya has rubbished the claims, saying it is infantile and a figment of the Chairman’s imagination.

“The inference is that the piece in reference by all reasonable standards should have been coming from an infantile, immature and/or inexperienced leader. A regional chairman properly so called cannot be the author of such self-serving, emotion-laden and vicious write-up,” he rebutted.

“It is shocking to discover that the referenced piece pregnant with inconsistencies, incoherence and misnomer emanated from the brain and fingers of a regional chairman to whom the entire party in the region may want to tap into his wisdom and solicit advice from. God save the region.”

Mr. Homenya went on to add that the Regional Chairman’s allegations are libelous but that he has decided not to pursue a lawsuit because he does not think it worthwhile.


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