Police Turn Akufo Addo’s Gestapo-Tarzan

Maverick founding member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Dr. Charles Wereko Brobbey has jabbed the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to have allowed itself by allowing itself to be used like Gestapo-styled errand boys for the Akufo Addo administration.

The tough-talking Wereko Brobbey, also known s “Tarzan”, on his Facebook page was reacting to the hysterical scheming by the Police Service to prevent from mounting a planned demonstration by a spontaneous group of young Ghanaians who formed the “Fix The Country” movement to demand greater accountability from politicians.

“The #GhPolice is fast becoming #Akufo Addo’s GESTAPO. Our freedoms have been arrested by the ‘human rights defender,” Tarzan wrote.

In the latest tyrannical suppression of basic rights of expression by citizens, the Police Service, prevented the Fix The Country movement from staging its planned protests on May 9, 2021. 

The group made up of almost a million youth had planned the demonstration in protests of the systemic failures in the country that needs “fixing”. But the police had denied them the opportunity by using a curious COVID-19 excuse.

“The “Development” has palpably failed to happen. And our freedoms are being trampled upon…I support the #FixtheCountryNow demonstrators wholeheartedly,” Tarzan wrote.

On Sunday, May 9, 2021, even though the police claimed it was unable to allow the demonstration, the antiriot police squad poured on the streets fully armed and brandishing water cannons, batons, and armoured cars.


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