Public Health Alert: Hospital Buries Scores Of Human Cadaver In Shallow Grave

A video capturing the mass burial of more than a dozen human corpses in a shallow grave at a public cemetery has startled the public alarm.

The virtually mummified corpses are casually lumped together into a grave that appears to be not more than 2 feet deep by a group of undertakers.

The disturbing footage which has hit social media captures the pile of corpses being delivered to the cemetery by two ambulances with green cross insignia.

One of the vehicles has a registration number, GE 4644-18.

It is not clear which exact cemetery they were doing the mass burial of what appears to be a pile of more than a dozen corpses.

And as one group tossed the dried bodies into the grave, the undertakers are heard joking that some of them look like “kako” (a popular local dry meat for cooking as a flavoring condiment). 

The undertakers are also heard discussing celebrity traditional priestess, Nana Agradaa and her current predicament in the grips of the law. 

Meanwhile, those who stand in the knee-deep shallow grave and receive the mummified bodies for burial arrange them in a haphazard pile.

Because the grave is so shallow, the pile of mummies rise to the brim.

It is not known what hospital the bodies are from. And from all indications, they are unclaimed bodies of dead people from one of the major hospitals in the country.

The grave in which they are buried is so shallow a dog could easily dig up and feast on the corpses.


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